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Quick Tips for Impressive #Headshot Photos

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

Did you know your LinkedIn profile attracts 11x more followers when you have a photo?Your #MondayMotivation is to think about your headshot photo. It says a lot about your personal brand! I like to tell my clients all the time how important it is to establish an online presence.

  1. Make sure your headshot photo is clear, concise, and recent! I advise my clients all the time to pull out that #iPhone, or if you’re team #Android, and have a friend take a clear photo of you! Preferably from the collar bone and up with a simple background that isn’t distracting.

  2. Think about your outfit too! What do you want your photo to say about you? Say no to that cute bathroom selfie or the cropped photos of you in a group. Yasss... you cute! But not needed here, sis!

  3. Once you’ve updated your profile photo, don’t stop there! Take it an extra step and add an engaging summary, and beef up the key words in your listed job experience! You'll quadruple the number of times your profile will appear in searches by recruiters on LinkedIn. The more keywords you have, the better you'll land a new job.

  4. Lastly if you need some help getting your resume together or would like support with your new website or that portfolio you've been putting together to showcase your work, contact me for more one-on-one tips like these! (shameless plug: Visit My Website)

Oh ya, and check out these hilarious headshot photos of me over the years. Whew! Thank the Lord for the #glowup! lol

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